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    全國服務熱線: 0755-26888837
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    網 址:www.www.osmeye.com

    A-mail: 26888837@www.osmeye.com


    并將于鉭質電容(Tantalum Capacitor)及高壓電容器(HI-V CAPACITOR)和集成IC市場上締造更多佳績。今后,未來電子會秉持專業的態度和誠信的服務精神,繼續努力成為客戶提供全方位的服務及創造客戶價值。

    Shenzhen Future Electronic Development Co., Ltd. mainly sells international well-known brand electronic components, the main products are: chip tantalum capacitor, plug-in tantalum capacitor, chip capacitor, inductor, filter, transistor, MOS tube, etc., for the end customers in the product and after-sales service, we hope to become one of the most trusted excellent suppliers for the end customers.

    The products sold by electronic companies in the future can be readily available from basic components to core components, providing customers with one-time procurement convenience. Products across the medical, aerospace, military, instrumentation, digital, scientific research institutions, consumer electronics, intelligent terminal, network equipment, industrial equipment, intelligent security, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and other fields of demand, continue to improve the breadth of product portfolio and technical capabilities depth, to meet the different needs of customers.

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